At Archer aDroit LLC, we promote equitable inclusion and artistic expression through authenticity. We are a creative agency providing unconventional solutions to institutions, communities and youth — helping individuals and orgs reach their full potential and achieve the impossible.


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Council for a Strong America

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EducationCounsel LLC

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Meet Our Team

Natasha O'Dell Archer, J.D.

Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of equity program experience in policy, direct services, and communications, Natasha is a leading change-agent empowering individuals and institutions!

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What We Do

As a lifestyle brand, we offer:

  • diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consulting and training

  • executive leadership coaching and training on DEI

  • arts integration

  • motivational speaking

  • organizational strategy consulting

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We offer consulting & training for leaders  and organizations

Successful entrepreneurs and business pe

Arts Integration

We integrate the arts into DEI learning

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Motivational Speaking

We empower and promote authencity

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Strategic Planning and Organizational Management

We work with mission-driven orgs to unlock potential and pave the way for our future generations

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Pamela Burdman

Executive Director

Just Equations

Archer aDroit LLC has been a trusted partner in our work on racial equity.  Highly positive and professional, Natasha provides exceptional leadership coaching and sound management advice. As part of our national expansion from the west coast, Archer aDroit facilitated a remarkable east-coast hiring process, through a diversity and inclusion lens. Through high-quality analysis (written and verbal), strategic advice, and moral support, the creative agency helped ensure a successful transition to our next organizational phase. 

Molly Mauer

General Manager

XQ Institute

Christopher Edley, Jr.

Co-Chair, Congressionally Chartered National Commission on Educational Equity & Education


Natasha and I were partners in the social justice movement. We travelled across the country together for the better part of two years — marching forward in our great quest to promote whole child equity, and arm leaders in the field with tools to end systemic racism, and advance social and upward mobility. Natasha is a skilled and passionate diversity practitioner.  It was a great joy to support her leadership in teaching diversity, equity and inclusion principles, and promoting equitable practices.

Bethany Little


EducationCounsel LLC

Archer aDroit managed the needs of EducationCounsel LLC with sensitivity, discretion, and skill.

The agency CEO,

Natasha O'Dell Archer,

supported our organization as an

Interim Chief Operating Officer and provided organizational management best practices, insight, and coaching through a racial equity lens.


Natasha has been a trusted partner in the fight for equity. She exudes endless professionalism, boundless enthusiasm, provides strategic advice, and exemplary service to all people, partners, and organizations. Natasha provides incomparable technical assistance to include thorough org analysis, and the integration of customized diversity, equity and inclusion best practices. Natasha is hands down, one of the most inclusive, and thoughtful diversity practitioners in the social justice field.


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